You are a leader

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You are a leader
By Adenike owolabi
Leadership simply means the transmission of light . This can be further explain as a man or a woman that transmit light into other people’s darkness.
Leadership is the process of identifying and solving a particular problem for the betterment of humanity.
 When a man or a woman solves a problem he or she becomes a leader.
Everyone is born to meet a need and proffer a solution to a particular problem so if you are not  currently solving a problem, that means the problem still exist.
You need to look inward to recognize your true potentials, when you discover your inherent abilities, you will begin to know the kind of problem you are meant to solve.
You are not meant to live the rest of your life as a follower, you carry a leadership potential within you but until you find, develop and display your leadership potentials no one will recognize and feel your impact.
Our unique abilities makes us to be different from other people, no two people in the world carries the same potential abilities.
 Your ability was given to you to make a difference in your society.
When you begin to function in a place that has been predestined and created specially for you to solve a problem, you will become a leader in that particular area of specialization.
You are not a general person, stop trying to fit in with the crowd, separate yourself from the multitude, find your leadership spot and proffer a solution to a particular problem in your community.
We need you to bring out your uniqueness and make life better for humanity, we need you to be the light that will shine on other people’s darkness.
The world await your great manifestation, find your leadership spot and go ahead to make a big difference in your generation.
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I am a leadership expert, life coach, brand consultant, public speaker and a content  developer

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