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Woman enjoy 2020 in good health and abundance.

Have fun 😄 and enjoy a stress free 2020 👍

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🤪 Eyin sisters mi, eti yin👂🏽👂🏽 melo?

A medical doctor 🩺 decided to share some words of advise to ladies via WhatsApp. The advise are simple and straightforward. Please share to every woman out there so they can get healthier 🍇 and better in 2020.

1. You can not finish 🔚 all the house chores in one day. Those who did are stressly sick 🙇‍♂ and some are buried ⚰ already.

2. Please create time 🗒 to rest, it is not a sin to sit down , put up your legs on the table and pick popcorn 🍿 while watching TV 📺

3. Please sleep if need be that headache 🙆‍♂ will go. Those who refuse to take vacation, or leave, or time out or rest time, their families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 are missing 🤷‍♀ them because they have gone untimely to their maker.

4. Stop taking sedatives 💊 to sleep, you are destroying your brain and organs. At a point you will begin to forget things. Relax the brain , worry less, think less, laugh 😆 more , smile 🙂 more. Everything will pass with time 📆

5. Sometimes go and sit outside quietly on your own 👨‍🦼, do nothing say nothing ☹, just admire 🙂 Gods handiwork, breath in fresh air calmly. Hurry not.

6. Stand by your mirror smile 😌 to yourself, laugh 😁 , dance 💃🏼, sing, that turns on positive aura around you so you can glow.

7. Go buy yourself a snack 🥔 or two or drink non-Alchoholic wine 🍷if you choose to do so. Just do something for yourself even if hubby does not do that for you so you off load the things in your head.

8. Get necessary home gadgets to ease your work in order to avoid stress. Stress is the highest silent killer 😡 of women.

9. If you are not feeling well say it , do something about it, go to health 🏥 centre, hospital or call a nearby nurse, do not sit around waiting for hubby to buy drugs. He may come back late , your life matters .

10. Check your blood pressure and sugar level occasionally, whether you are sick or not. It has saved a lot of women in the past. Trust me on this.

Remember to share with all the women you know. We all will enjoy 2020 in good health and abundance.

Have fun 😄 and enjoy a stress free 2020 👍


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