While Thinking Of Starting JustFoodyNG

Lot Of People Shared Realities With Me

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I’ve Not Been Writing For A While Now, But Today..I Feel A Very Strong Urge To Share This With Everyone Thinking Of Exploring An Idea But Are Stuck With Realities By Taking A Snapshot From People’s Advises Which Has Become Etched Into Their Psyche As Their Embedded Truth!

I Was Looking For The Picture To Use For My Thoughts And I Thought Of This Attached Picture Of The Superstar 2Face Innocent Idibia Whispering Into My Ear During A Project We Did Together😀😀

I’m Writing This Because Of Those Whose Beliefs Have Been Ingrained With The Mechanistic Worldview As People Have Whispered To Your Ear That Your Ideas Can’t Work!

While Thinking Of Starting JustFoodyNG, Lot Of People Shared Realities With Me…Some Of These Realities I Knew Before, They Also Mentored Me Into Many Of The Realities I Was Never Aware Of….All Are Realities That Won’t Make An Online Food Delivery Brand Fly In This Part Of The World

Some Of These Realities Are The Fact That People Don’t Trust People Here…Hence, They Won’t Believe You’ll Bring Their Food😃! Another One Is The Fact That Almost Everyone Are Cooking In Their Houses And Ekiti For Example Doesn’t Have Very Busy Persons Like Lagos😃 And So Much More That When You Allow Them Sink Into Your Consciousness, They Become Your Realities And Swallow Your Possibilities!

I Was Able To Overcome Those Realities And Place Possibilities In front Of Me Because Of My Possibility Muscles!
When Your Possibility Muscles Are Strong, An Expansive Perspective Comes More Naturally And You’re Less Likely To Cage Yourself In By Limiting Thinking.

Today, Possibilities Has Overcome Those Negative Realities That Wouldn’t Have Allowed @Justfoodyng To Thrive And We’ve Just Opened Another Branch In Ile-Ife🤗🤗🤗

See, Those Realities Surrounding Our Ideas We Believe To Be True Contributes To Our Reality-Making Process.

Today I Want To Explore Some Ways To Pack Your Life With A Sense Of Possibility Because Impossibility Is A Major Aspect Of How We Observe And Construct Reality.


Ask, “What’s Possible?”

If You Want Your Life To Be Packed With Possibility, You First Have To See It. Prime The Pump By Asking Yourself One Simple Question Every Day: “What’s Possible?”

You Might Apply That Question To Specific Goals. Or You Might Apply It To Different Areas Of Your Life. Your Career, For Example;

Asking What’s Possible Is Useful As A Point Of Departure For Brainstorming, Especially When People Remind You Of Realities. But More Than That, Asking It Consistently Is A Way To Develop Your Mind’s Possibility Muscles.

“When Your Possibility Muscles Are Strong, An Expansive Perspective Comes More Naturally And You’re Less Likely To Be Caged By Limiting Thinking.” _ Temitope Awelewa

If You Allow People To Place Obstacles In Your Mind And You See It And Stop Dead In Your Tracks, No Amount Of Possibility Awareness Matters. You’re Still Stuck.


When We Get Stuck And Sink Into Thinking, “That’s Not Possible…Here Is The Reality” That’s Often Only Part Of The Truth.

The Whole Truth Might Look Something More Like, “It’s Not Possible To Get There Exactly The Way I Planned.” The Question Then Is What Alternative Routes Exist.

I Was Selected Sometimes Ago To Pitch My Business Idea In front Of Some Influencers And After Finishing My Pitching…. One Of Them Shared A Story Of How He Has Done Something Related To My Idea But Didn’t Work Out…… I Said To Myself, That Is Your Reality! I’ve Got My Possibilities.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

If You Have An Idea Or A Goal, Make A Game Out Of Finding As Many Routes As You Can Think Of To Take You From Where You Are To Where You Want To Go. You Might Be Surprised At The Abundance Of Possibility When You Start Looking At Multiple Paths.


Have You Read “I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE” By My Brother Sola Mathew? If You Haven’t… Please Contact Him And Get A Copy For Just #1,000

The Story In The Book Is Enough To Propel You To Be Your Best, So You Can Someday Tell Your Story Of How Bad It Was And How You Survived It!
Sola Mathew Is An Amazing Guy I’m Privileged To Have In My League Of Possibilitarians.

Hence, I’m Reading An Interesting Book Right Now Called, Be The Hero, About How The Stories We Tell Either Positive Or Negative Impact The World We Create.

It Points To Three Main Types Of Stories: Ones We Tell About Others, Ones We Tell About Our Situation, And Ones We Tell About Ourselves.

Make A Point Of Regularly Exploring What Stories You Might Be Telling In Any Of Those Three Areas That Deplete Your Possibility And keep You Stuck. If You Find Any, Come Up With An Alternative Story With A Positive Angle And It Will Help Perspectives.


You Don’t Have To Struggle To Scare Away Toxic And Negative People In Your Life…Just Get Busy With Positive And Productive Activities… They Will Cut Of From You Naturally!

The People You Surround Yourself With Day In And Day Out Can Play A Significant Role In How You Experience Your Life. Positive, Uplifting People Tend To Spread That Feeling. Negative, Pessimistic People Drag Others Down And You Have To Run Away From Them.

Norman Vincent Peale Coined The Word Possibilitarian To Describe People With A Strong Inclination Towards The Possible.

Take A Look At The People Around You. Do They Feed Your Sense Of Possibility, Or Do They Suck It Dry?
If There Aren’t As Many Possibilitarians In Your Life, Where Can You Find More Of Them? Look For Them.

And Lastly,


Some Say That The Best Way To Learn Something Is To Teach It.
Be A Possibilitarian In The Lives Of Others. Support Their Dreams.

My Mum Nelly Coker David Would Most Times Say To Me Jokingly That “My Son That Doesn’t Have Impossibilities In His Dictionary”
This Has Helped Me To Know Most Times That The Life I’m Searching For Is Already My Own Since If You Can Just Believe It’s Possible In Your Mind…You Will Achieve It!

Help People Figure Out Ways To Overcome Obstacles. Use Other People’s Lives As A Training Ground For Your Own Positive Perspective.

The Next Time Someone Comes To You That Your Idea Is Not Possible With Proof Of Realities…. Say To Them..To You!
Watch Me Do It From My Own Possibility Angle!

My Friend,

I Have Been There Before And Now I’m Telling You That People Will Remind Of You Of Realities That Won’t Make Your Idea Thrive But There Are Possibilities.

Think About It!

Best Regards,
Your Friend,
Temitope Awelewa.


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