What You Don’t Know Can Cost You.

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Let me share a personal experience.

One day many years ago, I wanted to order some Chinese food (to be delivered) and I had no cash on me in the house.

I needed to get to the ATM and the nearest ATM was about five or six blocks away.

It was winter time.

The ground was covered with snow.

It was too cold and the thought of walking down to the nearest ATM just made me weak.

But I was hungry….

I eventually got myself out of bed and went to the ATM.

Anyway, I got the cash and ordered the food I wanted.

When I got back home, I decided to read a book so on picking up a book, I just saw about 80 pounds right in the middle of the book.

I was so upset.

I had left the 80 pounds there without even remembering it was there.

I suddenly remembered the day I kept it there.

I was so angry.

I realised that I had just wasted my time out in the cold when I had more than enough cash in the house.

My not knowing that the money was there did not change the fact that it was there.

But my not knowing about it just caused me the unnecessary inconvenience of having to walk in the cold to get some cash.

This is how I think some Christians are.

The Bible makes it clear that we have authority over the devil.

As a Christian, you have the right to stop the devil in his tracks in the name of Jesus when he tries to come at you.

But you see, you cannot make use of this God-given authority if you don’t know it exists.

And your not knowing it does not mean you don’t have it.

You’re not just using it.

You cannot make use of what you don’t know you have.

It’s similar to how my 80 pounds was useless because I did not know it was there.

When I was a new believer, I had the terrible experience of being disturbed in my sleep by some strange presence which would press me down on the bed.

Whatever it was would curse and I would be afraid.

When I read Kenneth E. Hagin’s book called ‘The Believer’s Authority’, my mentality changed and I stopped being afraid.

When next it happened, I could not speak or move but instead of getting afraid, I spoke the word of God with boldness in my mind and commanded it to get out in the name of Jesus.

Whatever it was fled and left.

That horrible experience of being pressed down while sleeping died a natural death.

I had the authority all along but I just didn’t know it.

When I knew about it, I was able to walk in the light of it.

You see, whoever said ignorance was blissful told a lie.

What you don’t know can cost you.

As a child of God, it is critical to spend quality time studying who you are in Christ, meditating on it, until it becomes a part of your consciousness.

When you know who you are in Christ, you will not be afraid of the devil.

It is an insult for you, a child of God, to be afraid of the devil.

Feed God’s word into your spirit.

Meditate on it.

Keep doing it.

Don’t stop.

The more you understand your identity, the more you will realise that some prayers are not necessary.

You are blessed.

by  Arinola BA


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