What is your legacy ?

By Adenike Owolabi

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What is your legacy ?
By Adenike Owolabi
 Legacy is a personal decision made privately and activated publicly
If you are presently working toward leaving a legacy for the present and upcoming generation, it shows that you are making a difference and a positive impact in your world
Talking about legacy, Myles Munroe is a perfect example, this man built his entire life on living out a legacy that helped millions of people  step into their limelight
Even though we lost him to the cold hands of death, many souls still draws their daily inspiration from the wonderful books he wrote during his life time
He understood the importance and the value of his existence to humanity at a very young age and this great insight helped him build his entire life on living out a legacy that will transform and change lives positively.
The fact that you are born to be a leader does not mean you will automatically become a leader  in your generation, you can only become a leader when you activate your leadership potential by stepping out of your shadows
Living in the shadow of yourself, will make you live your entire life as a follower and this kind of life style automatically disqualify you from living out your legacy on earth
You have a legacy that you can live out to the entire human race, but this legacy can only be activated when you recognize the importance and value of your existence to humanity
Originality comes from purpose discovery, purpose discovery helps birth vision, your vision will help you discover your legacy and your legacy will help you fulfill your destiny
 Search for your deepest truth, develop your leadership potentials, live out your own legacy and make a difference in your generation
Be inspired👌🏻
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