Ways Through Which We All Relate

With our past With ourselves With others

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There are three ways through which we all relate.

  • With our past
  • With ourselves
  • With others

If you take out time to study human behavioral relationships, and how we tend to associate with ourselves and others. For those who have had past experiences of failure, heartbreak set back or rejection, there’s a very high possibility that they will display a low level of self-esteem and confidence when relating with themselves. And this through demeanor and conversations reflects through the way they relate with other people. Likewise, those who have had past experiences of winning and acceptance will stroll in confidence and a higher sense of self-esteem when relating with themselves and other people.

They walk around with such optimistic display that since they’ve had past victories, the victories of the present and future will be sure. This is the same pattern of operation that causes the rich to grow richer and creates a converse experience for the poor. The rich understand the working system and uses it to his advantage at all time.

The poor have no system, only a history of dis-empowering patterns. You see, we can’t neglect the fact that sometimes, past experiences have a way of influencing the way we engage in present circumstances and how we feel about them.

This is the reason we are designed by birth with the power to alter our thought patterns to remove unwanted results by cutting ourselves from our history of negative energy and failure. Your past failures will have no place in our life if you refuse them.

They may be close Friends, families or co-workers. You would have to make the hard decision of breaking ties every vessel serving as a reminder of why you can’t go further. This I share with you in your journey into the future.

Hard work Smart work Bull dung!

The new year came with its own publications from seeming intelligent minds, making use of prescience to propagate the “smart- work idealism”; ebbing minds away from reasons they need to see hard work as a means of experiencing success. But while this sounds ideal, it’s also very easy to point out its weak argument. I’m not here to throw tantrums, I promise. But See this Even as one can substitute for the other on a different level of utilization; smart work can’t take the place of hard work.

They are both ingredients of progress. Anytime. Whiles smart work plays it’s a role in your ability to “out-think,” hard work also walks into its role in your ability to “outperform”.

There’s a difference. When you can out think others, speed becomes your advantage, you save more time getting more done. When you’re hard working, discipline to do more than others becomes your advantage. It’s simple.

A smart and lazy ass will never utilize speed for advantage. Being smart doesn’t equal hardworking. But a person who is both smart and hard working has the pioneering speed with which he out-thinks and the resulting reward when he outperforms.

We’re neither in the era of smart work nor are we still in a space of hard work. We’re all trending a time where both ideas seek a merging for ultimate effect. Hard work? smart work? do both!

Jago Emmanuel is a mental and personal development coach who has helped hundreds of individuals develop their minds and maximize results through creative and innovative education in various spheres. With his unique public speaking skill and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) experience, he has passed on life-transforming messages and teachings with several testimonies attesting to its result from his audience and clients. He is a creative writer, a thinker, and an educationist.

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