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from any genre of music.

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Believe me, my journey has not been a simple journey of progress. There have been many ups and downs, and it is the choices that I made at each of those times that have helped shape what I have achieved.

I may not have been there, but i already see myself there, only the manifestation through my constant effort and prayer and my unrelenting pursuit that i await. Its better to arrive late better, than arrive early wrong.

The pursuit is not primarily about the money but fulfilment of purpose and my burning desire is to have a brand that does not only help me achieve in this line of concentration but others whose passion clings to the same dream but has no platform or pace to help them achieve their purpose, even as we rise by lifting others.

I know the competition is intense, and the industry is congested with different vibes and talents, but I’m not intimidated as i know and believe so much in the possibility and achievement of my purpose.

Aside from being a business personell, who engages in diverse businesses such as customized paint production and supply, real estate management, cryptocurrency, content provider, auto dealings, oil and gas and a host of others, i have come to embrace my primary purpose which is #MUSIC and that is where my passion lies and can’t be bargained with.

In achieving these, i have setup a recording firm that engages in musical production, artistes signing and video production in collaboration with well known music icons and celebrities and we’re almost set to deliver.

#sayoncemusic #SayonceRecords #moremusic #creatingthepace #headingsomewhere #sayoncemusic #artistessigning #settingthepace. Watchout for this space and the world is about to embrace this brand, we’re working and you’re about to be served.

If you’re an upcoming artiste with a good content from any genre of music, be it secular or gospel, attach them to me via email at: or for verification and qualification.


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  1. It’s amazing the number of artistes that have forwarded their demo to me and as at this morning 300 had been forwarded. It seems to me that almost every youths are engaging into music even as most are not necessarily talented or has any knowledge about the rudiment of music.

    I had been listening to most of these demos and honestly our idea about music needs to be redefined and reformed because in every song, i mean reasonable song, must have content and target, not because you want to make a lyrical rhyme you’ll have to just sing anything, wether it has a direction, meaning or not.

    As much as a good beat is produced, a good lyrics too is required and must be such that blends lyrically. Because somebody was shouting ‘sensamijanja’ in his song and became recognized doesnt make his music a quality one.

    I won’t produce or promote noise just because i want to make money, and so i will implore you to mind all these… we’re advocate of quality music production and sensible reasonable targeted lyrics.


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