Too late now for the coalition to produce the president

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It indeed might be too late now for the coalition to produce the president we desire but early enough to learn & arm ourselves with the lessons thereof as armament for the next round of fight; 2023.
You see, I had initially assumed that if we unite and present a consensus candidate, we will win the election. But I later realised that even if the coalition worked, we will win but not the way we defined and expected victory.

It will take a decisive, determined, united front of the best of us- in business, academics, economic affairs, security and the likes – to unseat those who have used their influence on the political firmament to cast darkness on the nation. And to tell the truth, forming such a team takes time. A lot of time. And if what we experienced with the last PACT is any indicator, we now know that forming such a TEAM is not as straightforward as we should normally expect.

Even the best of us is still man at his very best. And as long as he draws breath, he will always be confronted with the realities & temptations of his flesh; greed, pride, selfish ambitions etc. Education & exposure will not take away the foibles of our humanity.

We will misunderstand each other, quarrel, put ourselves first…but in time, like every team, we will learn to work together. This will take a lot of time. Do you realise the length of time and the labyrinth of processes involved to initiate and complete a business merger? How much more giving up what could have given you control over the nation and all the resources in it!? This is not as direct and as easy as some people come to posit on social media.

We, therefore, have to understand the enormity of what’s ahead of us and divide our victories into segments and batches.

Winning at this phase is Awakening. Active participation, an announcement that it’s possible. Isn’t it amazing that most of the people rooting for Fela/Moghalu/Sowore today once believed politics is a dirty game that no sane person should ever tamper with! Today, we’ve all ‘forgotten’ that politics is dirty & dangerous. We are instead asking for a coalition. Amazing. And as amazing as our unrealised change of minds, we still don’t see it as a win. This is the first time our generation has risen to the political challenge. Every business person knows that when you start an enterprise, that you even get invited to a meeting & a presentation is a win. It means someone somewhere is interested in what you have to offer. You take the feedbacks of your would-be client to improve your products/communication/delivery/and what have you.

The Not-Too-Young-To-Run-Enterprise of Nigeria PLC started in 2019. The proponents of this business have shown other intending start-ups that it is indeed not too young to run. They made mistakes, no doubt. Some really unnecessary. But we must redefine our definition of winning. Had they formed the coalition 2 years ago, it still would have been an act of God’s sovereignty if they had won. You’ll fight that only if you don’t understand politics…particularly Nigerian politics. The fact, however, that they ran…that they moved beyond the slate of criticism, whether constructive or otherwise, and actually put their monies, time, energies where their mouth is, has bidden complete goodbye to political inertia. Come 2023, we will see a surge of great brains, enterprising & resourceful souls, value-driven folks…the best of us…come into politics. Had Fela, Moghalu & Sowore not taken the lead, inertia might still have its hold on all of us.

Interestingly, even APC & PDP will have to present young & intelligent minds who will be able to compete and deliver on the crucible of our new political realities. Whether we know it or not, change has come! If we rooted for these young folks in 2019, we will only expect more in 2023. They say the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step. We just took our own first baby step. And we are thankful to those who led the frontier!
To the rest of us, let’s retain the scenery & the blessed sight the screens gave us on the 19th of January, 2019. When we all with abated breaths awaited the presidential debate…to hear the plans of our proposed leaders and by extension the future of our country. Relativity of time had its full course as the day strung longer than usual. But evening finally came. 5pm. 6pm. 7pm. Debate starts. And before our eyes, we saw a prophecy of Biblical proportions unfold.
Roll call.
PDP, absent!
APC, absent!
Fela Durotoye, present!
Kingsley Moghalu, present!
Oby Ezekwesili, present!
Sowore nko? Went to use the bathroom but present!

Teacher announces
Old things have passed away. All things have become new.
Effective date: 2023

For now, we keep doing what we do best. Survive, thrive and be the best not because of what Nigeria gives, takes, has or lacks but because we are Nigerians!
We do more with less.

by Dingba Peter


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