Today a great gem was born

a preacher, a Pastor, a prophet, a friend, a facilitator

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You make ordinary moments extraordinary. It’s an opportunity to let you know how special you are to us. Happy Birthday sir!

Israel Adeyemi

Today is the day the Lord has made I Israel will rejoice n be glad in it….I have traveled in my little “word bank” to describe the person of my brother “Egbonmi” only me calls him this appellation…he is a son, brother, father, uncle, husband, teacher (may be many do not know),teacher again, a coach, an instructor, a preacher, a Pastor, a prophet, a friend, a facilitator (he is fervent in spirit n not slotful in business)…etc… Pastor Johnmabun Adesoga… Hallelujah…today is his born day…pls this is a noble cause, help me to celebrate him..
I am not worthy to pray for him…sir, hear the voice of my prophet in Psalm 36: 9…” For with thee is the fountain of life…in the light shall we see light…”… I feel like preaching.. the emphasis is on ” in thy light shall we see light…
Hmmmm. Happy birthday to you sir…

Olasumbo Elizerbeth Ibitoye

Today a great gem was born, A force to reckon with , a man of difference, a father in all ramifications, a man of grace, a good man with a good heart, your life has taught us to live and relate, you filled the vacuum of a father effortlessly.
As my pastor , your teachings has greatly tranformed us, how to use the word of God to turn things around without running around.
As a mentor, being one of your protégé at a early age and rubbing mind with great mind like yours has been a great privilege.

Temitope Aina Harinola

Please make way, here comes my Mentor , Coach, Daddy, Teacher, Playmate, Instrutor, Analyst, Spiritual father, Lover ( future hubby u need to fight hard), he is all in one, can’t love him less Happy Birthday Dad

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