To Whom It May Concern!

I Think Mr Adedeji Is Using Ayo For Business!

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Do we all still remember Mr Adedeji, the man we took away from Ile-Abiye in Ado Ekiti after many months of sleeping in the cold?

The man we immediately took to the hospital for medical attention, took the boy back to school, got them an apartment, clothes and food materials?

After that time, I decided not to talk about them on this platform anymore as I personally took up their bills and started paying them #5,000 every week to make them comfortable while we make efforts to secure job for the man…my secretary still took him to a studio for passport photograph last week used to pursue a job!

Temitope Ilesanmi is my witness as he has gone to drop the money on my behalf severally whenever I’m not in Ekiti (he still did last week)…. If he isn’t chanced, My secretary will go on my behalf.

This is hard sometimes… But It has become a must for me.

Just last Saturday… I was called by their landlady that Mr Adedeji forcefully collected the remaining money on their rent (6months payment) and #12,000 was given to him by the landlady while Mr Adedeji left the house with Ayo since Saturday to nowhere!

He left the house since Saturday and returned on Sunday with a young man while the landlady was not around to pack his loads in the room to a corner of the room and left again! (before now, he told us he doesn’t have any relative he could call when we helped… I’m still thinking who the young man was)!

Thank God for Temitope Ilesanmi who spotted them at Basiri, Ado-Ekiti today and beckoned on me urgently!

Even though I was so tired after a long day… I asked Tope to wait for me to join him… I got there and confirmed for myself!

What is he doing there? a question I can’t still answer.

Mr Adedeji has withdrew Ayo from the school we registered him,
He now sits in the street in the cold shivering with the poor boy!
He has spent the #12,000 he collected between Saturday and today!

I was so confused and didn’t know what to do… I put calls through to few friends.. Thank God for my friend Ayodele Ayotomiwa Morenikeji who rushed down to help!

This to me is so devastating, discouraging and disheartening but we’ve decided not to give up on them for the sake of the innocent poor boy!

We’ve decided not to allow Mr Adedeji spoil this little boy’s life as we believe in this boy!

We appreciate the Director of Mosadoluwa Children Home who came to our rescue and immediately took Ayo in for us till tomorrow morning while we made some calls and the father was taken to Ekiti state rehabilitation center to sleep over for the night.

We’ve gotten an appointment with the Director of social welfare, Ekiti state ministry of women affairs to discuss how Ayo would be taken for proper care and see how the father can be attended to…maybe psychologically!.

Your suggestions would really be appreciated too.

Thanks everyone.

Best Regards,
Temitope Awelewa.


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