by Adenike Owolabi

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Research shows that most small scale business does not survive the first 5 years of operation, in addition those that survives the first 5 years does not scale through the next 5 years of operation

The question is 🤔why do most entrepreneurs go into business despite knowing the risk involve or should I say most does not even have a clear sense of purpose before venturing into the business which therefore explains the reason why they are out of business within the first 5 years of operation

It even more frustrating to operate and invest in a business for good 5 years only to pack up during the next phase that you ought to experience expansion and breakthrough in your business

Many entrepreneurs are usually faced with the problem of bankruptcy, low sales and many more challenges within their first phase of operation

If they are facing these problems at an early stage how then can then expand their business to increase revenue and reduce cost that will lead to the profitability of the business?

The above statement clearly defines the reason why most businesses fails and even gives a clearer reasons why many find it difficult to move to the next phase in their business

Entrepreneurship is a game, you play your card well? you win, you play it wrongly? you lose

The question now is 🤔 how can this problem be eliminated?

How can entrepreneurs thrive in a competitive world of business?

The answers is:Thrive
You will find the answers to this and many questions in this power packed book titled:Thrive

Adenike Owolabi, Joseph Theophilus, Babatunde Ibukun, Benjamin Elemide and Adigun Emmanuel packaged their years of knowledge and experience in the business world to give a global solution to the problem facing young entrepreneurs

The information disclosed in the book can not be found on the internet or any business seminar or trainings because we went beyond the norms to see that will tackle every forms of problems that is facing every young entrepreneurs

The book will be launched on the 28th of January 2020

To book your space and grab a copy at a subsidized rate of 990.00naira, tap the link below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Note: The first 20 people to book their space will get it at the price range, after January 28, the price goes up to 1500naira, so hurry up and book your space, limited space available!!!!


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