The God of Encounter

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There is a set of female rising up in this Endtime.

Female generals are wanted , we need more of Kathryn kulmah and maria woodworth etter in this generation!!.

Revival must not pass us by. We must register in the School of encounter to be launched out to the deep🔥🔥

There is a new breed of sisters Emerging high and the Lioness in them can’t resist this Great eruption that’s about to start in their lives.

They are not the kind of sisters that run after men

They are uncommon, they are wise, fiery and cannot be easily located.

These  sisters are like the Deborah’s of old who will lead men of Isreal to war

These sisters am talking about are not those who have finished their face with foundation, but those who have erected Territorial foundation on their knees!!!!

These sisters spend much time on their knees than on their needs!!!

These sisters will value the secret place of the most high God!!. More than zee world.

These are the sisters who will tongue all night and command territories!!!

These sisters will rescue our brothers from the hands of  marine queens and Delilahs!!!

I refuse to be a spectator in the coming revival , I must ave an Encounter!!!!……..

In the last days scriptures says I will pour out my sprit upon all flesh….this Revival is starting from us.

life without encounter will not counts

Where are the daughter of virtue it’s time to encounter the God of encounters

Then Join me in this programme coming up on the 29th of feburary  2020


Make it a date with God!!!!

It is time to wake up!!!!

There is no more time to waste!!

Your generation needs you.

Do not be distracted !!!

You must manifest !!!!

Wake up!!!


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