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Writing a PERSUASIVE COPY means writing to speak closely and directly to the audience pain point.

And this is what great writers of history had actually used in communicating their ideas and solutions to people around the world.

To write a persuasive copy, your content have to first be engaging enough for a reader to spare 2 mins of his time to read through.

Listen we are in a world with crazy noise and the last thing anybody including you is spend a second on a content that actually promised no value or interest upfront.

Your content have to be engaging and relative to every reader who comes in contact with the copy.

And how do you achieve this?, You ask.

You could use every copywriting formula in the whole world, if they lack this 4 structural engagement pyramid I’m about to tell you today, your content is likely going to be read by your family alone, and yes, maybe with few friends.

The 4 structural pyramind are; AIDA.

Which means;

A- Attention

I – Interest

D – Desires

A – Action.

Before writing a persuasive copy, you have to have the end in mind. With this you can use it in formulating a very catchy and attention grabbing HEADLINE for your copy.

No matter how quality or great the solution in the copy is, if you can’t get them to read past the headline, you’re not going to get any engagement.

The Headline serves as the Hook for Attention.

It’s always nice if you could use the Benefit of your solution or a particular pain point as your copy Headline. People tend to get more attracted to Words that states what’s in it for them when they read through or topics that talks about their pains.

They’re most likely to read through.

The next thing you want to note is the INTEREST.

You can achieve this with your content subheadline. Make a bold benefit of what they’d be getting once they read through till the end.

No one likes missing on anything important. They don’t want to be told what happened, when they actually had the opportunity of knowing what it is first hand.

What you want to do to  lure your readers interest ahead in your copy is through the third step.

Which is creating a DESIRE.

If you succeed in creating a crave for your product or solution, logic jumps out the roof. They must surely buy or engage with you because they just found out that your solution is one they’ve been searching for their whole life.

Some few weeks back, I signed up for a class, not the class in itself, but for a particular product which the class offers. And it turned out that the class was going to be a 5 days class, and that particular product was scheduled to be taught on the 5th day.

I was so frustrated and hungry for the last day to come already.

She succeeded because, she knew 80% of her audience crave more for that particular product, so she fed on our emotions and sold us more on other products.

That’s the power of creating a desire.

The last part of the structure which is ACTION.

This is where you tell your Audience what to do to satisfy their curiosity in acquiring your proffered solution.

This part is very important.

I’ve seen writers who assume their audience already know what to do since they’ve succeeded in making them read till the end.

But that is not always the case.

Most people don’t know what to do after reading. Take your time to remind them of what they’d loose if they don’t take action Now.

That’s really important, because we human are very quick to procrastinate. It’s a second nature to us after devil.

That way you can be rest assured that you have  fulfilled every structure of engagement in the pyramid.


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