Some years ago

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Some years ago.

When we just started ministry.

I was foolish enough to think everything about ministry was Basically SPIRITUAL .

I didn’t care for many things like the CHURCH AMBIENCE, THE CHURCH STRUCTURE, THE CHURCH TOILETS etc.

We had no toilets at all.

How could we?

We were fellowshipping under some metal roof with iron woods as pillars and support.

I just didn’t think!!

Do you know that for about 2 years of being in that church location, we never had TWO LADIES who stayed in Church at ONCE.

It always baffled me.

Later on, when we moved to a better place. A very better place actually with about 6 conveniences, we began to have LADIES stay in church.

It later dawned on the foolish me, that ladies need the CONVENIENCE more than men.

While men may look for a corner to ease ourselves (which by now, it’s embarrassing to say the least), ladies need a closet.


They might be going through menses etc.

A sudden flow etc.

How EMBARRASSING it is, to have an heavy flow or any flow at all and no CONVENIENCE?!

How terrible it is, so be pressed in service and no CONVENIENCE?!

It’s just terrible!!

Was I being a sensible Pastor?!

I wasn’t.

A sensible Pastor will consider that HUMAN BEINGS are coming for service.

And they need convenience.

They need Air Conditioners or proper ventilation.

And it goes on and on.

While we know some ministries have become TOURIST CENTRES that seek to wow people with new architectural details and styles, we must not ignore the basic needs, because some folks have TAKEN IT TOO FAR!!

These things are COMMON SENSE but very important.

If you have many car owners in your church, you must care for secured Car parks.

If you have kids, you must think of a children church, with all its attendant responsibilities and facilities.

If you want folks on wheel chairs to come around, you have to provide wheel ways, not regular stair cases only.

The list goes on.

Pastor Harry


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