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You don’t have to understand the technical stuffs of copywriting before you actually start attracting high lead’s and conversion on your copy.

Just as learning and understanding small talks is important for building relationship, so is knowing the little stuff that ignites the biggest impact on your sales copy.

 Today I’d reveal to you the 4p’s you should never joke with while drafting a sales copy. It is as  important as shelling a coconut shell before getting the fruit.



The promise your sales copy offer is what ultimately attracts a prospect to your copy before even getting them to read to the part where you introduce them to your product or service.

Your promise should be drafted with seductive words that agitates curiosity and interest in your product immediately. And  it “your promise statement” should be used at the headline of your copy, because your headline is what any prospect see’s before deciding if it’s worth reading or not.


A picture tells a story and erupt imaginations. It gives permission to feel and persuade without being salesy.

And this can be achieved by painting a clear picture of the benefit or promise your product or service wants to offer, using a compelling story.

This technique actually works when you successfully find a way to make you audience imagine themselves enjoying that benefit or promise. Because it gives them the permission to persuade themselves into buying.

Humans generally love prediction and when we find something that gives us that sense of precision, we find every reason to never let that feeling go away.

Now your task a s a copywriter is to use that feeling to your advantage. Feed voraciously on that feeling and lock their brains away from any objections or whatsoever.

And that will lead me to the next P.


Generally as logical creatures, we are wired and fired to think logically and question the authenticity and validity of any promise.

There’s a lot of fake promise out there with too much  highlights about scams and fraud. And this has actually sabotaged people’s trust on taking a stranger’s message or word for it, without seeing something that convinces their resolve.

Proofs, reviews and backup claims, have been a very powerful resource in marketing for ages. Using this tool not only helps you improve sales but it also gives you the credibility and authority to command more leads and clients.

In marketing, there’s what we call, ‘WORD OF MOUTH’. Word of mouth is what other people say about your product or service after using it. This tool is the most important tool in marketing, because it gets viral faster than any other means of advertising!

Word of mouth could  practically be in various forms.

Which are;

Customer Reviews

Testimonials from past experiences

Or some demonstration that shows your prospect the authenticity or validity of your product or service.

PS; Be very aggressive and selfish in getting reviews and testimonials from your clients.

If you don’t have any client yet, find a friend or acquaintance that fits the definition of your target audience and offer your service for FREE to them, just to get a review in return.

I did this a lot while starting out as a digital creator and content marketer.


The last P for Push, is the action phase of your copy. It is used to expand the desire for your offer.

This is where you include your CALL TO ACTION.

Salescopy is all about consistency in your writing. Other than just including your call to action, you also have to use this to ignite another load of emotions within them.

Deliver an outstanding offer to end the presentation of your product in form of, PROMOTIONS, BONUS or  GUARANTEE, that provides an offerable satisfaction.

Then close them on print with your purchase request!


I’m a content copywriter and visual digital creator. I’m passionate in helping brand (online and offline) deliver a very strong brand message for their product or service and also position their brand as an authority with professional visual and digital content designs.

Reach out to me on my social media handles, let me help you create the best UI and UX designs for your brand.

Instagram – @the.headlineguru Facebook- Opeyemi Ajibowu

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