by Omobabinrin Adeola Osideko

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13 Social Media Etiquette Tips
You may never be in a position to lose your job or busuness because of a post, but proper online etiquette is critical for many reasons. Your accounts can be visible to people you don’t know, and your posts and shares, once public, are on the record for a long time. Your social media presence should inspire pride, not regret, and what you share should stand out from the daily babble.

♦️1. Be positive, be polite, be inspiring
Treat others the way you want to be treated and don’t attack people with pitches. If you need to disagree with someone’s opinion do it constructively and in a civil manner, we can not think and act same way and that is the beauty of this world.

Waka pass is also allowed, because some people are being mean online. No matter what you write about, someone out there will hate but when in doubt, let it go. Unless someone’s causing real damage to your reputation, stay out of it or respond with a simple factual response.

♦️2. Use Caution Posting and Tagging Photos
Eating chicken and chip with Omobabinrin and 99 others
Feeling sick in Abuja with Omobabinrin and 99 others
Where🤷 how🤷 when🤷.. please avoid me

If you’ve got a shot of someone you want to upload, and you’re not trying to embarrass them, reach out to see if they mind you tagging them. Most people want to avoid having their reputation damaged or looking foolish. It should also be noted that personal photos (partying/drinking, vacation in a bikini) are probably best left out of business-related feeds.

♦️3. Be Self-Centered in Small Doses
Even if you understand you’re not the center of the universe, your social media presence could be singing a different tune. Before you post, tweet, or share anything, think about how others might interpret it – will it be perceived as insightful and informative, or crass and boring? This is particularly important if you building Influence

♦️4. Understand That Your Sense of Humor Isn’t Universal
Unless you’re sending a private message, your social media posts reach well beyond your friends and family members. This doesn’t mean you can’t use well-placed humor in your posts – just make sure it’s appropriate.

♦️5. Respond don’t React
Celebrity Twitter wars are fun to watch, but avoid getting sucked into your own social media arguments. Be civil in your response, your words and actions can be saved and dredged up down the line.

There are many ways to start a social media spat, from personally responding to a politically tinged Facebook post, to publicly calling someone out for wrongdoing. No matter how the fight starts, it doesn’t always end well

♦️6. Avoid Over-Sharing
Your social media feeds shouldn’t read like an inner monologue. Occasionally sharing what you are up to or how awesome dinner was last night is fine. But over-sharing – as in posting your cereal choice every morning – is the quickest way to lose your friends and followers. Even if you don’t use your accounts for professional purposes, your social presence is a big part of your personal brand. You want your brand to be interesting, engaging, and representative of your best characteristics. You don’t want to dilute it with scads of irrelevant posts.

♦️7. Build a Legacy for the Future
It’s standard for employers and educational institutions to vet candidates’ social media activity before granting an interview or accepting an application, so be sure that your accounts don’t jeopardize your chances. Remove and un-tag morally or legally questionable photos or better still adjust your tagging settings

Think past the next status update – your social media presence contains years of information about you, and your exposure increases with the digitization of society.

♦️8. Give credit…there is nothing like #copied
The original owner no get name?🙄
Dishonesty can have serious personal consequences on your profile, such as using social media to take credit for other people’s work

♦️9. Inform people before adding them to a group- you never can tell the group values may e conflicting with their personal values and principles

♦️10.Avoid using endearment for people you are not familiar with or people you do not have close relationship with
Hello dear, hi sweetie, thanks honey, What’s up babe and the rest should be reserved for your pals and close acquittances

♦️11. Go straight to the point when you hit people’s inbox
You: Hello
Me: Hi
You: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning
You: how was your night?

Heyyyy…..what exactly do you want to say? It’s not everybody that have the luxury of time to be exchanging unnecessary pleasantries

Asides that, there are other better way to put “how was your night”…….hey what is your business about married woman or man’s night 🤷

Hope you slept well?
Trust you had a good night rest?
Hope you had a pleasant night rest?
Hope you are fine this morning?

These 4 above will save you from unnecessary troubles. Write all your plesantries togehter and send it once and then go straight to the main issue that made you chat me

12. Spell your name well and use a decent profile picture
“Hardeolar Oshidekhor” sends a wrong signal about your personality when people see such

Miz Bella Queenex, Don Dee Prixy, Charming miz Pearl…… All these akward names does not show you are responsible…. Yes you may be but it doesnt portray you are… remember first impression last longer..

13. Stop waving in my inbox…I am not travelling🙄

As much as it may be costly to ignore a wave if it is for good intention, some people have now abused it…waving aimlessly for no good reason.

To be continued tomorrow
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