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A young man was full of life & financially buoyant up until morning of 16th October 2019. An unfortunate fire incident happened and by the end of the day, he had become penniless. He lost raw cash of more than 3million and goods worth over 20million plus packed in both his shop & warehouse…… All under 3hours!!! ( This happened in Ochanja Market at Onitsha, Anambra State. )

I prophesy as privileged Messenger of God Almighty, any ugly incident orchestrated from the pit of hell to cause demotion in your life, shall NEVER HAPPEN in Jesus Name.

Anything that will render someone who’s feeding very well to suddenly become a pauper, I curse such out of your path in Jesus Name.

Satanic Agenda programmed to initiate crying & wailing in your household, BACK TO HELL in Jesus Name.

Any mortal man/woman under curse shall not come near your domain to cause mishap in Jesus Name.

You shall not suffer loss whether little or heavy all the days of your life in Jesus Name.

Evil incidents that do occur during Year-end EMBER months shall not visit your home/family in Jesus Name.

Powers that want to send you back to village penniless are cursed from the roots in Jesus Name.

People who don’t know how you’re coping with life shall not gather to sympathize with you in Jesus Name.

Wailing, Crying, Sorrows, Condolence visits & bereavements shall NEVER be your portion throughout the remaining days of 2019 and beyond in Jesus Name.



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