reaches out to school prefects' in secondary schools

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Every year, Paragons Initiative founded by Satina Harry reaches out to school prefects’ in secondary schools because they believe that an improvement in the prefectship institution of schools – which is the first point of leadership for our future leaders – is fundamental to national transformation.
This year, I was privileged to be at the Prefects’ Conference 2019 with over 50 school prefects in Calabar, where I facilitated the session: Young Leaders as Development Champions.
Emmanuel EGENTI is a youth education and engagement professional who is passionate about social entrepreneurship, leadership, and human capacity development.
Emmanuel is a Fellow, Barrack Obama Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa Regional leadership program, which is supported by USAID and he is shortlisted among top 20 African budding Leaders to receive training on ‘imagine academy’ courses by Microsoft. He has attended the Common Wealth 100 Online Leadership Development Programme.
In line with his passion for leadership, and human capacity development amongst young people; he funded SOAR YONDER – a social enterprise with the vision of “An Africa where Leadership and human capital development is a priority to every person and institution.” Since inception in May 2017, Soar Yonder has reached over 3,500 young people directly and indirectly.

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