On children’s day, we couldn’t afford to take them out.

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On children’s day, we couldn’t afford to take them out.

They were sent home for school fees repeatedly.

I remember many occasions when our kids were sent home because we couldn’t pay their fees.

At other times, it wasn’t the fees. It was some random things that we couldn’t do. Like birthday cake. Photo session et al.

We had only one source of income. Not enough.

Today, and because of our many struggles, it became necessary to learn how to profit from what we know.

I didn’t know God was preparing me for a time like this when I was denied visa.

That visa denial was in January 2020. I was in Emeka Nobis class March of the same year. Since then, I turned my offer letter into a cash spinning machine-leveraging on my mastery of the process for securing guaranteed scholarships.

I began to use all that God deposited in me from that day.

To make sure that all of our children’s fantasies became a realities.

I wasn’t going to ever let them stay home again. No!

I mastered the strategies for profiting in millions and now, a study abroad coach, while also studying abroad on a guaranteed scholarship. I wanted to give my kids their fantasies and yes, had to pay the price.

What fantasies would you want to give your children?

Disney World? The chance to meet Sofia the first?

Any of their fantasies can come true.

First, your children deserve to explore the world. Living forever in your home country won’t give them the chance. Vacations are expensive and you can’t possibly travel all the time. Ditch vacation, when you can actually live here. Live in the vacation-literarily.

Learn to profit from monetizing what you already know. You do the work once, yet you get paid everytime.

I only wrote The Scholarship Guaranteed hack book once, yet I make profit from it every-time.

I am writing another book.

I want you to work with me for two reasons this summer.

I will teach you privately how you can position your family for international study opportunities.

I will also teach you how to profit from your knowledge, skill or expertise.

Your children are like Kamala Harris, but what separates kids is- OPPORTUNITIES!

Talk to me via 2348024957386 (WhatsApp messages only)


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