By Mr.Charles Olorunda

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Haba! Haba! Haba! The people cry

That the President has done it again

But this time not so many

Not quite a while ago were so many names of dead people

Nominated for ministerial appointment

But for the vigilance of the National Assembly

And the cry of people with good conscience

We would have been governed by people from the spiritual world

With a dead minister of aviation

And a deceased minister of transport

To hunt the corrupt ones both in the air, sea and on land

Both in the land and beyond our coast

Then we would have less opulence and private jets

But it was a mistake, the presidency cried louder than the peoples’ voice

That not again will that be witnessed in the God forsaken land

In a land where people with skills and good conscience abound

A world where the right people are begging for work from all corners of the land

Hmmmmm! Maybe the President was right and we are wrong

Perhaps our problems had defied the intervention of humans

And seeking the intervention of the spiritual world was just and right

Who says we don’t need spiritual intervention

To right the wrongs of the society

Or hunt the evil among us to do that which is right

Really, I think the president is right and we are wrong

The recent nomination of a deceased to the board of the federal character commission

May just be the right thing to do

For the replacement of the outgone evil board members

Who abandoned their duties and left staff establishment worse than they met it

But little did they know That the Nigerian spirit does not forgive the corrupt

If they took ten, a hundred shall be taken back from them

If they can’t pay, their children and children’s children will pay

If in any doubt, look at the lives of those who have looted the land in the past

Many died in penury or pushed to the world beyond with ailments laden with pain

Indeed the President could be right and we are wrong

In a land where former prisoner with blood in his hand was made king

A land where most top people in all notable institutions are descendants of the same culture

Their major signage is the pot-bellies they carry about

Pot-bellies that do not bear any relationship with that of their ancestors

The bellies only signify the degree of corruption

In the land where inept and poorly governed banks declare billions of naira profit

Where banks are a washed will trillions of naira

Left behind by people who have passed on

But unknown to their relations

That such monies ever existed

But I still think the President could be right

Where a former President had been sending money as palliative to the land from his grave

Starting from year 1998 to this day

The last being $311million on 4th may 2020 and still counting……our parliamentarian swagger

He sends the monies which no one has accounted for diligently

Eleven times he had sent us such palliative

Not only for the privileged but for the poor

Amount ranging from a staggering $44million to a more staggering $1.2billion

If the dead could send palliatives which the rich had not accounted for

Who says the president is not right

Hmmmmm! I just remember that the standing order has not been changed

So the Ministers now go through the dead to reach the president

We have not seen a Minister complained

Maybe they too have realized the efficacy of the dead

That this is the right time for spiritual intervention

And the time has come for us to use the skills and experience of the dead

Who will not only work assiduously during the day

But also hunt the corrupt by the night while the rest of the people sleep in peace

Maybe the God of this once blessed nation

Has finally decided to listen to the cry of His people

Using His angels to cleanse the land

And this time, the unstoppable hand of God will go far and wide

I can see some souls already taking cover

But the unseen hand of God will reach everywhere

To punish the unjust and reward the just

Mr. President please go ahead and do what is in your mind

For once, please disregard the advice of the evil ones around you

And listen to the birds around the villa

Birds singing songs that no one had ever bothered to listened to

And by the time the angels have finished cleansing the land

There and then our diaspora brothers and sisters can return home

To play their part in the arduous work of nation building

And then our ancestral sun will rise in the east and set in the west

Only then shall other nations know that we are truly a pride to the African Continent.


A product of the year 2020 lockdown

Written by: Mr.Charles Olorunda

CEO, HRM Consultants international (HRMCÍ) Abuja. 2/5/2020


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