Let us assume Yoruba becomes a nation by itself.Do you suppose Sunday Ighoho will be president?

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Let us assume Yoruba becomes a nation by itself.

Do you suppose Sunday Ighoho will be president?

Even his friend Fani Kayode, will be what?

Friend of president? Description: 😁Description: 😁Description: 😁

What will Ooni of Ife be?

Alafin of Oyo nko?

That’s far fetched.

What will Baba Tinubu be?

Baba Bode Goerge nko?

The Afenifere fathers nko?

Will Aketi become ighoho’s footstool?

The other governors in South West nko?


Let us assume that is all rubbish.

So let’s assume you succeed in ousting President Buhari (which can never happen, your grand father can’t do it), do you suppose the North will open their eyes and allow that happen?

Or you suppose the president is commander in chief of the armed forces for fun?

Do you suppose you will make Pastor Yemi Osinbajo president?

In this country?

Are you that naive?

Or that hopeful?

Or that confused?

What exactly is the plan?

You will do all that by marching on June 12?

In ojota Lagos?


Are we really interested in a coordinated revolution or we are just interested in burning adrenaline and calories in a rave of bravery?

Today, we celebrate MKO who was the Dangote of his day yet never touched the power he died for.

That was 1993, and you think today, even when the powers that be has not changed, some uncoordinated protest will change things?!

Look, let us not burn our youthfulness with burning emotions without grounded logic.

If a million youths march in this country and there is a million blood shed (God forbid), it doesn’t change anyone in Aso rock.

If you ever thought of a coup d’etat, it can’t be done by social media cruise catchers, you know nothing of that paradigm.

The other day, during the endsars protest, I thought a group of computer hackers planned to use the Internet in a miraculous way, forcing the hands of the government, even I must accept i had seen too much Hollywood to even think it plausible.

The best way we can achieve anything now is to actively infiltrate the present system of governance, via active involvement in politics and climb the ropes.

Hopefully when we get to the end of the ropes, we have not hung ourselves with worse greed that has hung our predecessors.

But what do I even know these days.

Miracles happen. Description: 🤔

by Revd Harrison Ayintete


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