I’ve Never Been So Proud Of Being A Nigerian Youth

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I’ve never been so proud of being a Nigerian youth but today, I’m simply elated. For so long, we’ve fought the battle of religion and tribalism to the point that they trigger discrimination and discordance among us.

These arguments and disagreements have been at the expense of the power of our oneness as members of one human race.

It’s without doubt that these issues emanated from the foundation of our societal structure and system that was setup by our progenitors and parents, and which we’ve strived to maintain their normalities instead of revisiting and reengineering them.

So a Muslim cannot voluntarily welcome, protect and help a non-Muslim, and treat him/her like a human being that (s)he is, and vice versa. Enough of these things! I was more than happy to see that Muslim protesters were praying yesterday on their Jumat service while Christian protesters provided security for them. It moved me to tears.

It’s high time we realized that a Hausa man from the north and an Igbo woman from the southeast can live peacefully as a husband and wife without societal stigma in the name of structures. Failed structures, I must say! Our unity is our power.

There’s absolutely nothing that we can do and achieve without it.

And that is why I’m super proud of this generation—my generation!

The change to those failed and hypocritical systems has come.

I hope we get the tenacity to maintain it.

This is the generation that I’m proud of.

This is the Nigeria of our dream!

#EndSARScc: Pelumi Lawrence & Onawumi Pelumi.


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