Illicit sex destroys.

Don't be deceived.

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Illicit sex destroys.

Don’t be deceived.

Sexual discipline is a non-negotiable requirement for a good marriage.

Some will tell you it is not but I have never met anyone who was happily married to a cheating husband or wife.

God’s standards have not changed.

Actions have consequences.

It is funny that Christians sit back and allow unbelievers intimidate them with their tales of promiscuity, how it is impossible to live a chaste life, how it is normal to stray, how it is impossible to have a marriage without cheating, etc.


Why should unbelievers be the ones to tell us what should be?

Why should they be the ones to dictate to us?

There is nothing decent and godly about promiscuity.

Stories abound about how a man somewhere or a woman somewhere infected their spouse with HIV or other deadly STDs.

I read of one a few months back who infected his wife during pregnancy and their baby girl was born HIV-positive.

Can you imagine infecting your child due to your lack of self control?

Yet, some people treat this issue of breaking marriage vows as something small or unserious.

I see even Christians joking about it.

They assume that those who detest it are too idealistic.

Who has done this to Christians?

What are your values as a person?

What exactly are you looking for outside your marriage?

Do you know that the Bible tells us that the person who is committing adultery is destroying his own life (Prov 6:32)?

You need to make up your mind that you will not have sex with a person who is not your spouse.

Let the world make fun of you for being stupid.

It does not matter.

You are not living for them.

A person who sees nothing wrong with one-night stands, sleeping around, etc will most likely do the same thing in marriage.

The wedding ring does not and will never change anybody.

A man or woman who has not renewed their mind in terms of sex will not be faithful to anybody.

You have no business sleeping with a person who is not your spouse.

We are Christians!

We are God’s people!

We are children of God!

We are the righteousness of God in Christ!

We are not ruled by sin!

The key to this is to guard your mind.

You cannot hang around men and women who applaud sexual immorality and expect not to be negatively influenced.

What are the things you watch?

You should not watch something just because it is trending.

Is it going to edify you?

What do you listen to?

Before I got married, many people told me it was impossible not to have premarital sex while living in a city like London.

Well, I did not.

It has nothing to do with where you live.

It has EVERYTHING to do with your mindset.

Your mindset is what controls your life.

If you believe it is impossible to be faithful to your marriage vows for life, that is what your life will reflect.

You need to ask yourself where these strange beliefs came from…

Did they come from God?

Who told you that you cannot be satisfied with the husband or wife of your youth forever?

Where did you get it from?

Is it God?

Or is it a human theory?

You need to ask yourself that question.

Who has the final say?

You decide.

I just want you to remember that EVERY single thing you do is a seed.

Your harvest will always be determined by the seeds you are sowing.

What are you sowing into your mind?

Be careful.

Be watchful.

You are blessed.

by  Arinola BA


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