(PART 1) by Bishop Moses Albert

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Every human being is a high decree operational animal. This signifies that the worse thing any person placed in leadership positions will do is to take anyone who comes to you for granted.

Leadership we all know, always cut across different ranges of human endeavours. It could be political, social spiritual or in family setting.

Several times, we have discovered that the influence and contribution of people in any organisational setting always contribute to the success of the ideologies of those with the tag of leadership.

The irony of life defines that the pride of a king is the mammoth crowd that announces the eminence of his arrival. This is what many people at the helm of affairs are not ready to take to heart.

If there is anything I have been familiar with as a leader in my own little opportunity, it is the use of motivational mindset to keep in touch with those who found me worthy to be called their leader or mentor.

Before we go deep into analysing what motivation is to a follower, we must be ready to know whom a follower is.

Let’s use two biblical portions to make some points on this fact.
” So David left Gath and escaped to the cave of Adullam. So his brothers and all his relatives joined him there. Then others began coming, men who were in trouble or in debt or who were just discontented until David was the captain of about 400 men.” (1 Sam.22:1-2 NLT)

You can see one of the ways followers use to form around a person.
In this setting, the men that formed this orchestra of submissive members has no good record of their own.

They were too crude for anyone to beleive that they could be of good help to troubled man like David. The bible said they were men in trouble, discontented and majority as well were in debt.
Do you think If you are in David’s shoes you would have allowed anyone of such inferior qualifications to be members of your local church? I knew you would have frowned to this.

Often time, we pastors pray for Personalities that matters such as successful businessmen, Governors and Senators to flood our local churches.

Every one of us has been part of this little error. It is wise to know that God in some cases, might decide to flood your church with men who are crude without previous experience of good report. It is our duty to raise and turn such men who from been ‘fishermen’ to be ‘Fishers’ of men.

When we start to operate with this mindset, it will be easy for us to discover great talents and useful members when they come wearing only bathroom slippers.

Another way one can have followers is by hired influence.
Let’s see another portion of the bible for easy understanding.

“After this, Absalom bought a chariot and horses and he hired fifty bodyguards to run a head of him. He got up early every morning and went out to the gate of the city. When people people brought a case to the king for judgement, Absalom would ask where in Israel they were from, and they would tell him their tribe…. Absalom did this to every one who came to the king for judgement, and so he stole the heart of all the people of Israel.” ( 11 SAMUEL 15:1-2,6)

This is a negative and ungodly way of raising followers. We have often seen this in places of worship, where opportunities were given to some friends to share fellowship with one’s members and he or she brew the devilish desire to divert some weak members from the same church and use them to for his own empire.

True followers must be the ones who saw your usefulness.

They must have discovered how good YOU are in so many aspects, moreover on areas they discovered they really wanted a supplement.

They must have seen how real and frank you are and have seen inbetween the lines that you don’t treat them as an outsider rather as part of the family.

They have seen it that you are.not manipulating them or using your position to maginalise them or threatening their life with curses and prophecies.

They must have discovered that you have the heart that accommodates and ready to refine their crude nature and turn their weaknesses into useful strength.

They must have discovered that you are a leader to be trusted, and someone to be looked upon when they have their own personal challanges.

They have discovered that your love for them is very genuine and not based on what you are getting from them.

They knew you don’t Lord things over them rather you value their opinion and always rely on the suggestion acquired after random consultations from those who are conservative thinkers among them.

Any one who sticks to you after considering these attributes are your real followers.

( to be continued)

By Bishop Moses Albert


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