If you are not from a successful family

a total stranger that will help you to become successful

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If you are not from a successful family, it is a total stranger that will help you to become successful.

I want to tell you the truth that you probably haven’t heard from anyone before.

Everyone of us wants to be successful and if anyone has ever told you that you can become successful on your own, they are just deceiving you.

Human beings are social beings. We are connected in a dependable way.

For instance, when you were in school, you were taught by total strangers. If you start a business, 99% of your profitable customers will definitely be total strangers. In fact, if you want to become the president of your country, who will support and vote for you? Total strangers! I can go on and on. Just think!

Don’t be deceived. You need (good) people in your life. But sadly, some people knew this thing and they are the ones who say, “successful people are proud and they are not approachable.” I’m glad to tell you that there is one thing that you’re not doing rightly. That thing is that you are not building relationships first.

Imagine that you want to catch a fish in the sea. And, you don’t put anything in the mouth of your fishhook, do you think you’ll catch any fish?

Now, imagine that your fishhook has a bloodworm, what do you think will happen?

If you want to build relationship with people, especially total strangers who might help you, you need to start thinking like a fisherman.

If you want to catch a fish, the fish will never come and meet you, you’ll be the one who will go and meet it wherever it is. It is a very simple strategy even though it takes time.

People want value. And, if you want to build any relationship with them, you need to add value to them in a way that suits them.

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed about social media users too, especially Facebook users, and it is that some people will send other people friend requests and upon acceptance, they’ll instantly invite them to join their groups or perhaps invite them to like their page without prior notice. No prior connection or interaction. Nothing!

How would you expect them to join? Even if they join, how do you expect them to take you seriously?

But imagine that you’ve always interacted with their posts to the point that your name has been impressed on their memory or they learn from your posts and they interact with them, what do you think will happen when you need their help?

At all events, always remember that the person you know might know someone that you don’t know who knows someone else that you need.

The best time to be a friend of a lawyer isn’t when you get into trouble. And, the best time to become the friend of a tailor is not Christmas time.

Build relationship first and long before you need it.

By Oluwagbemiga Akinde


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