I may not sell 60million in 3 days; but I will hit

Oya stand up now. Make an offer

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During the week, I had a meeting with a woman who is very active in the real estate industry. She was signing up for our monthly bookkeeping and tax retainer services.

She had called me severally in the past, but kept travelling and was only able to honour a meeting at this time.

She is a brilliant business woman.
She loves to sell properties.
You need to see how my mouth was open and my eyes staring at her, all through the meeting as we sat at her dining table.

She began to talk about her mentees. She is a brutal mentor. She would tell you the painful truth and you would most likely cry all night.

Then, she started talking about a business strategy that a popular Lagos-based cake boss had just deployed. It was a brilliant, brilliant strategy and she was in love with it.

The cake boss had run a few days of promo where she dropped her prices and asked people to make bookings for all their cake needs up till December 2020.

It was a massive hit. People like me with 4 kids, booked all the cake for their birthdays.

People with planned weddings, booked. People who love to send Christmas cakes, booked.

She then asked me if I knew what the lady had done. I said no. She said – “She has carefully locked in her year 2020. She has secured business for one year. She has dropped her marketing cost. She has grabbed business from her competitors. She has planned her 2020 vacation earlier than usual. She has mopped up over 60m in 3 days. She will lock down her suppliers stock. She has declared herself the leader. She has left the remaining for others to scramble on”.

She went further to explain how she called her mentee, who also makes cakes, and asked if she had started taking Christmas orders, she said no. She asked her to call up her customers and ask to take their Christmas Orders.

The mentee called back hours later to say that she made four calls. 3 had booked their Christmas and all of 2020 cakes with the cake boss, while the remaining one, said she couldn’t pay the cake boss because internet banking was messing up.

Four of her top customers had decamped to the cake boss.

She herself had made out time to visit the cakeboss with a relative that was getting married. She explained the amazing business ethics the cake boss had. They paid over 1million for the wedding cake. The cake boss was too good at her craft to be ignored.

She spoke and spoke to me about business. She charged me to up my game and grab the market.

I fell in love with this woman. I plan to beg her for another visit. I love women who know business. Sitting with her, you can feel and smell her wealth; yet, she is making notes as we talk and teaching you how she deliberately got to where she is. She wants to raise women like herself. She is like a magnet, you cannot help but get drawn to her.

Dear business onwer, before the cake boss takes your own, can you please make a move?

Today is a holiday, do you have any offer on sale?

How many signups are you planning for? What have you sold, even while you sleep and eat? What strategy have you deployed?

Yesterday morning, while watching a movie, I created a simple Google form and asked people to signup to clean up their unpaid taxes. This morning, I have a total of 23 signups. I am selling. It took me less than 15 minutes to create that form and 2 social media posts to sell it. I have spent zero naira to market it; just organic post.

Oya stand up now. Make an offer. Put a price to it. Include a call-to-action and put up a post.

Even if you close only one sale, you will sleep fulfilled.

Listen, you may not be a cake boss, but you will sell your own.

I may not sell 60million in 3 days; but I will hit 30 sales with my offer of yesterday. These 30 people will go on to join the monthly plan, and our numbers will keep growing.

Roberts Yakubu keeps teaching us that the best time to post is weekends and holidays when competition is resting and buyers are on their phones.

Stand up!

You are your own cake boss jare. Throw out your own offer, like the boss that you are.

By Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze



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