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How to look classy and not break the bank

by De-Chalet clothing

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Fashion is a speech, it speaks for you unconsciously. It’s could be a difficult task combining a dress, shoe, bag and accessories for every occasion.

Below are points that would help you out.
1. Buy the right sizes- a dress might be cute on the hanger but if it has a thick fabric, it may make your waist look wider
2. Buy fun colours – black and neutral dont draw attention, so getting a bright colour and pales do
3. Buy durable items- invest in items that will last-long.
4. Buy trendy pieces- put the right accessories, shoe and bags for every occasion.
5. Do your hair and makeup – The first thing people notice is your hair and Make-up, so take care of them.
6. Be confident- every lady must have a high self-esteem, keep a smiling face, keep your shoulders high, chin up and look straight forward when walking.
You will be addressed by the way you dress, so take your time, find out what suits and dress classy.

by: De-Chalet clothing

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