How To Link Your Phone Number To Your NIN.

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How to link your phone number to your NIN.


  1. Dial *346#, then
  2. Press 1 to continue to know your NIN.
  3. Then save it or copy it out to a safe place.

To_Link: to your phone number

Each network have their own code to link.
Follow these instructions carefully.


  1. Dial *785#
  2. Type your NIN number.


“Yello! Your NIN has been successfully received. Kindly note that this is subject to verification, as all NINs will be validated by NIMC. Thank you.”



  1. Dial 1211#
  2. Type your NIN number.


“Thank you for providing Your NIN details.”



  1. Dial 2008#
  2. follow the instruction
  3. “Enter 1* your NIN number #”

Sample_Message: #from_Enin

“You have successfully submitted your NIN. SMS confirmation will be sent to you once your NIN has been validated and updated. Thank you for choosing 9mobile.”



Follow the format
Send “UpdateNIN, NIN, FirstName, LastName” to 109

(e.g. “UPDATENIN 12345678912 Victor Unya” to 109)



Please click on the NIMC website link below for enrollment centers:



If you don’t link your phone number to your NIN, your line will be blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Linking Phone Numbers with NIN

  1. How many days do I have left to link my phone numbers with NIN?

You have just less than 2 weeks left before they deactivate your phone number for failing to link your NIN as warned.

  1. Can I link more than one number to my NIN?
    Yes, you can link more than one phone numbers, just ensure you follow the right procedure aligned above.
  2. Can I go to the Telecom office to link my NIN?

Yes, you can simply go there along with your National ID card or that brown slip to link it.

  1. Can I use my BVN instead of linking NIN with my number?

No, NIN is different from BVN. In fact NIN is linked to BVN too, so get your NIN and link your phone number before deactivation.


They are trying to reduce the crime rate.
The purpose of this, is to link your phone number(s) to your NIN for the following reasons:

  1. for security purposes for verification of NINs and validated by NIMC.
  2. To easily tracking of Scammers and fraudsters when needs arises.
  3. To trace anybody they want to trace when needed.
  4. To deal with it once and for all, is to cut theft, terrorism and kidnapping in the country.
  5. Etc.

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