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A Must Read For Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Online Course Creators and Service Based Business Owners

In February 2021, I sat down looking at my account details and it wasn’t encouraging. Still looking at it, an idea jumped into my BRAIN, Godstime T Efeni, why are you feeling depressed because of your account details?

What do you have in your possession?

I can coach business owners and working professionals how to create intellectual assets around their experience, knowledge and expertise. And so much more which I listed out.

By the end of that day, I came up with a content which focused on three major things;




These were the things that guided my content creation and boom in less than 48 hours, I got three clients instantly who paid for my premium coaching program.

Are you surprised I said depression was knocking on my door in February 2021?

Don’t think every expert on social media got it all figured out. This is a journey and we keep uncovering the things needed to thrive in this journey.

Never forget this, FOCUS on your business and don’t let the results on social media by others get you intimated rather they should motivate you.

Back to my content headline.

I promised you the strategies I used in getting a re- subscribing CLIENT right?

If you are in the coaching business like me then you will understand what it means for a client to tell you he or she wants to enroll again.

It means a lot which time won’t permit me to talk about.

Let’s get right into the strategies I used in getting my client to re- subscribe.



When you make a client have a unique experience with your services, you are planting the seed of returning back to your services in that client. This is what I call the LOYALTY HACK in my book on online sales blueprint.

There are many coaches, consultants, authors, writers out there, why should you get a client to patronize you and come back again?

It is in one major word;


This client went as far as talking to her colleagues about my coaching program which immediately brought me more clients for my premium coaching program.

When you invest in customers experience, you will get their loyalty in return.



The reason why customers patronise your services as a coach, consultant, author and online course creator is because they seek results.

When talking with this client, there was a statement she made that made me smile because I knew what was done behind the scene.

She said coach Godstime Efeni, I have paid for several programs but yours is practically different and you can give someone trouble till the person produce results.

As I speak with you, her first book is on Amazon and other online book stores, she got certified as a marriage and relationship mentor from an institute in united states. Her online academy will be launched soon.

Why will she not want to enroll again?

If you can get your readers to experience results through your book then they will buy the next book you will write.

Results are what clients especially premium clients seek and not information alone.

This is what every client who works with me experiences.

Can you say that of your services?

It is time to start investing in customers experience and results.

Mention two key points you LEARNT from this article.

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by Godstime Efeni

Knowledge To Profits Coach, Book Project Consultant, Amazon Book Publisher, Content Development Specialist and Mind shift SpeakerAttachments area

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