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How do you mean God is not in control?

I thought you are a Christian am really disappointed in you?

Somebody asked. Hmmm really!

Are you sure alcohol is not the one controlling your action?

How sure am I that the love of money and is not the motive behind all your quest?

Can you prove to me that you are not being dominated by your flesh?

Hmmmmmmmm God is in control and youths are dying everyday.

God is in control and the rate of teenage pregnancy is skyrocketing.

God is in control and divorce and gender violence is gradually becoming a norm.

God is control and examination malpractice has become the best way to success.

God is in control and people commit suicide on a daily basis….pls cut that crab.

The last time I checked the God I know He is a good God.

But, God is all powerful so how come things got out of His control?

Yeah! Sweetheart I get your point and am not disputing the truth that God is all powerful.

He is not just all powerful He is the Omniscience and Omnipresent even though He is everywhere He is not in control of everything.

When God created man He created man as a free moral agent, he created man to take dominion and to subdue the earth.

That means, He will only be in control to the extent you gave him.

That is why “let your will be done on earth as it is HEAVEN and let your kingdom come” is included in the Lord’s prayer.

For any spiritual being to control the earth, men have to cooperate with him.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have been cooperating with the devil.

Oh no! Ibk am sure am not part of them because I am a good Christian.

Yes you are. Even though you had confessed Jesus as your Lord but the question is: Is Jesus really the Lord of your life?

Are you sure you don’t have your personal scripture that you follow?

When He tells you to do something are you really prompt in action.

Some of us are not actually disobeying God but we have been passively cooperating with the devil.

When He prompts you in the middle of the night to pray, did you pray?

When He instructs you to preach the gospel were you not ashamed?

You left the control of your DsTv to your children and you are wondering where your children learn those romantic moves from.

You keep sleeping with everyone man/lady you are in relationship with and you are telling me you did not cooperate with the devil.

You are sponsoring examination malpractice as a teacher and you said God is in control.

You will understand when one of those students you helped prescribe the wrong dosage of drug to your daughter and it cost you her life.

Immediately you became a mother you change everything to fit into your new status.

The food and your fashion style inclusive; the man of the house literally feels like a stranger, your eyes will clear when he finally leaves your life and relief you of the status of a wife (this is not right either)

if you really desire a better season of life where God is indeed in control, you will have to be deliberate about cooperating with God.

Be deliberate about your friend and stuffs you expose your mind to.

Deliberately think about verses of the bible, deliberately pray for his will and his kingdom to come here on earth.

Stop being passive and get to the driver seat of your life.

Give the total control of your life to God and let Jesus indeed be the Lord of your life.

You will be shocked how much you will enjoy HEAVEN on earth.

It doesn’t matter how deep you are with the devil once you can read this, that means you are still breathing.

You can denounce your Lordship with him and not just make Jesus Lord from your mouth alone, but make Jesus Lord in your action.

Nobody can do this for you, you need to do it yourself.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book…diary of a wise woman by  Ibukunayo Popoola

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By Ibukunayo Popoola


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