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Become a persuasive writer with just these 6 secrets.

Persuasive writing is empathy writing. It’s a style of writing that demonstrates your care and understanding to the real pain of your audience.

It’s a compelling way of carrying your audience emotion along with you through the journey of reading your copy.


Here what you want to do is first identifying the particular problem you want to solve and knowing specifically the people who have that problem.

That way you know you’re writing to agitate the right kind of emotions.

Knowing the problem and the people who have it makes it easier to disrupt and agitate the readers pain with care and empathy, then providing your solution.

As a copywriter, when you use this formula to make your case, it makes taking action much easier to your audience, because you’ve already make known to them what they’d be loosing upfront if they don’t take action  Now.


I came in contact with this blue sky thinking concept in Brian Tracy’s book, where he talked about projecting current circumstances into the future.

You can achieve this in your copy by convincingly projecting current events into likely future consequences.

Make them tell themselves a story about the product or solution, before they even raise objections. Let their imaginations fly.

The next secret which is;

Providing PROOFS!

This could be in form of testimonials , reviews, or anything demonstrating how your solution have helped other people.

Word of mouth speaks louder than any result or proof. It’s an evidence that what you say works, actually works.

Secret 4; COMPARISONS; Comparing Apple to Oranges.

When I mean compare Apple to Orange, you make this happen by comparing two similar solutions of different kind to make your case.

How do you achieve this?

Calm down, In a minute you’d know exactly how!

Imagine your solution is in form of an E-book, what you want to do is compare your E-book product with an Audio course.

You can see this will actually save the audience tons of stress, having to take hours of videos and all that shit, when they could actually get a solution streamlined in a very short e-book.

Just as Apple and oranges are both fruits but of different tree product, so is E-book and Audio course. They are both Knowledge base product but of different  package and different features.

Secret 5; This is a very key and critical piece of your copy, because humans love to be rational and convinced that their decision is right at the end of the day.


And you can achieve this by either;

Comparing Apple to oranges or,

Through specific supporting data

Or using a very attractive offer that makes them neglect every objection keeping them from buying.

Also another way to erase objection is including a Risk removal feature in your offer, using solid guarantees.

However to use this,you must be very certain of the quality of your product and also have a back up for your product so you don’t run in loss eventually when human tend to prove to be humans.

You know what I mean.

Secret 6; TELL A STORY.

Don’t just tell any story, Tell a compelling story.

Every copywriter or Content marketer needs this to project future events to their audience.

Storytelling is such a powerful tool because it speaks directly to the audience emotion, if told well.

Stories allow people to persuade themselves to take action. The story doesn’t have to be true, it should just be so compelling and direct with very simple language that explains clearly what went on through series of events.

Any writer that can use this to wield his content, most often win the bait with less objection.


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