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Your potentials are huge, this includes what you are capable of doing and becoming on this Earth.Even the devil is afraid of what God has put inside you.

Some people are “beefing you”, not because you have done anything wrong, just because they have weighed your potential and are afraid of you.

Sometimes people estimate your Potentials even more than you do. Good people( Multipliers) believe in you and push you towards achieving your true Potentials.  

Bad people (Detractors) Deceive, distracts, and even fight you, for you not to rise because they are afraid of your Power.

My issue isn’t with Distracted, it is with you this morning. 

No one has more power than you to determine the turnout of your life on Earth, not even God. He has done his part in loading you up with that ability called potential.

A potential no matter how huge it is is still a potential. Until potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, it profits nothing. 

It is in your power to realize and bring to physical manifestation, all the potentials loaded on your inside.

To whom much is given, much is expected.
Many people have died with earth-shaking potentials unable to shake even an ant. Do not join the number.

Some people are loaded and do not know, while some of us are so loaded and we are aware. This awareness gives us a big sense of responsibility knowing that this treasure can go untapped. 

In the year 2021 and beyond, by all means, find ways to start tapping from your Immeasurable potentials. 

Stop consuming the fruit of other people’s power and denying the world of your awesomeness. 

Work is the medium for expressing your potential. Especially deep passionate and self-expressive work.

If you are loaded and lazy, you will die a mire Could have, would have, should have. This is not my prayer for You.

© Dr. Adiemea Obed Business Strategist, Thought leader, Author.


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