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Prophetic Prayer Room by Deji Ibikunle

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Brace up for DIVINE SEPARATION from everything that negates the Fulfillment of Prophecies & Dreams in your life in Jesus Name.

Until Divine Separation takes place, Actualization of Prophecies remains a mirage.

Any satanic human agent on assignment in my life/family; your time is up. SOMERSAULT & DIE in Jesus Name.

Pray this πŸ‘† passionately right now

Matthew 22: 25-27
Now there were with us seven brethren: and the first, when he had married a wife, deceased, and, having no issue, left his wife unto his brother: Likewise the second also, and the third, unto the seventh. And last of all the woman died also.

What do you understand about this πŸ‘† passage❓

The family had 7 grownup Sons. Vibrant, energetic & rich guys.

A demonic agent entered the family and destroyed everything.

The first born married the lady in question, died; 2nd born married same lady & died; 3rd Son married same lady & died; 4th Son married same lady & died; 5th Son married same lady & died; 6th Son married same lady & died; 7th Son married same lady & died.

Thereafter, the lady then died. Assignment finished!

She was projected by the devil to scatter and render the entire family compound empty & lifeless!!

Place your hand on your head and pray:
Any human agent on assignment in my life/family to render me useless, DIE BY FIRE now in Jesus Name.

If the family had been spiritually sensitive, they would have sent her packing after the death of the first Son, but they couldn’t figure out the demonic agent on assignment in their family.

The mother of these 7 Sons lost everything. Declare this by prayer;
Any power of darkness that’s after my life to waste me; BE SEPARATED FROM ME NOW in Jesus Name.

If something happens first time, its a mistake. 2nd time may be coincidence. If it happens 3rd time, it an Error of unimaginable proportion. Why should you watch things go awry before you react❓Why should you keep quiet despite all that’s happening all around you❓

Father, I refuse to die another man’s death in Jesus Name.

Father, any satanic agent projected the dark world to scatter my Finances, Somersault & Die in Jesus Name.

Powers from witchcraft covens consulted to work against my life, BE PARALYZED BY FIRE in Jesus Name.

Any mortal man/woman who decide to make life difficult for me, Be Struck with spirit of madness in Jesus Name.

Father, any satanic agent trying to shave off the Glory of my life; BE WASTED BY THUNDER in Jesus Name.

Demon of premature death on assignment in my family, BE DESTROYED TOTALLY in Jesus Name.

Anyone who vowed to destroy my lineage; you’re a liar. Destroy yourself in Jesus Name.

The family with 7 Sons ended up without anyone left.

I refuse to trade off my blessings for anything in Jesus Name.

If they had been sensitive enough & earlier, what happened wouldn’t have happened.

Father, any demonic force attacking my Spiritual Strength & Sensitivity; Catch Fire in Jesus Name.

If they had known, they would have dismissed the satanic agent earlier.

Father, any strange man/woman around my life delegated to destroy me; BE EXPOSED & DISGRACED OUT of my life in Jesus Name.

The lady in question might not even know she’s been used by the devil.

I refuse to be manipulated by the devil. Any demonic manipulation targeted against my life, Scatters by Fire in Jesus Name.

Are you aware that one of the forces that promote evil is Ancestral Powers??

Father, Arise & destroy every Stronghold of Ancestral Forces militating against my destiny in Jesus Name.

The entire family kept quiet, that’s why evil festered for so long.

Powers that want me silenced in the land of the living; BE SILENCED in Jesus Name.

Please, ensure you pray these prayers the more

See you at the Top! You’ll Flourish in Jesus Name. You’re lifted in Jesus Name. You’ll Prosper in Jesus Name. You’re Fortunate in Jesus Name. You’ll go forward in Jesus Name. You’ll make it despite all odds in Jesus Name.

by Deji Ibikunle


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