Condemning Ladies Who Do Not Wear Scarf Or Makeup Is A War Against Womanhood – Rev’d Funke Adejumo

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Reverend Funke Adejumo is the wife of Bishop Felix Adejumo who is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Agape Christian Ministries Inc. She sent an important message to the youths in her church about the issue of wearing scarves and make-up.

“You are the only one that’s remaining in that class of makeup and scarf. At this level, is it scarf we are talking about?” She said. She claimed that it is just an affliction because if you look at the men, they dress very well but a 37-year-old lady will be looking like a 67-Year-old woman because of the scarf she put on. She said that women have problems in their marriages today because of the way they dress. “I have come today to shatter some things,” she said.

She said that sometimes we think that we are spiritual, but we are only religious. You don’t wear jewelry, you don’t wear a scarf, it is fine but you gossip more than those who wear makeup. “If you want to tie a scarf, please do, but don’t condemn those of us who do not tie a scarf,” she said. She said that the Muslims who wear headcovers do not fight the ones who don’t. She advised them not to condemn people in their hearts so that they will not miss the rapture.

According to her, this has divided us for too long. She revealed that Pastor Kumuyi showed great leadership when he said “I have made a lot of mistakes and I will correct them before I die.” She said that you should spend time loving one another and not gossiping about irrelevant things. If you see a sister dressing waywardly or committing sin, you should correct her in love.

Finally, She advised the ladies to love God and serve him. They need to dress well and look good. “Do not look like a panel-beaten Volkswagen car,” she said. She said that she hadn’t won a hearing before marriage but the first time she did that, her husband said that “you look like a woman.” She advised them to tie their scarf well and look very beautiful.


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