Can you cope in such a marriage?

For Christian singles....

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For Christian singles….

I am sure you know that as a believer, you should marry another believer so I won’t belabour that.

But I want to share something….

The fact that a person is a believer does not necessarily mean that you will be spiritually compatible.

What does this person believe?

If you are the sort of believer who believes in your authority over the devil, can you imagine your spouse praying devil-conscious or devil-dominated prayers everyday or having a spouse who sees the devil in every cat or insect that moves?

Can you cope with that?

Or can you imagine being married to the person who tells you that sin is dead?

Perhaps you believe that God will prosper you anywhere you find yourself yet your spouse-to-be believes that God does not prosper people ….

Maybe you are a woman who wears trousers like me, uses make-up, etc and the brother believes you will go to hell for dressing that way, you need to ask if you can cope with wearing long robes and not fixing your hair, nails, etc for the rest of your life.

Can you cope with being married to a person who believes that sex in marriage is strictly for having babies and not for fun as well?

Can you cope in such a marriage?

Some Christians believe that being very wealthy is sinful. Do you believe otherwise? Can you cope with a spouse who has such a mindset about wealth and financial prosperity?

You need to ask and assess what the other person believes.

Some other Christians believe that you are not supposed to save and invest but should give all your money away. Do you believe that? Is that what your intended believes? Can you cope with that?

Some believers believe in tithing while others don’t. What do you believe? What does your intended believe?

Will this person support you or make your life miserable if God calls you to be a Pastor or missionary tomorrow? You need to ask these questions.

These are issues that look minor now but can cause problems later.

So, my single friend, the fact that a brother or sister claims to be a Christian does not mean you have the same mindset as far as the faith is concerned.

You need to check their beliefs, especially in this era of social media where you have different kinds of exegeses flying around everywhere.

Some will tell you that sin is dead.

Others will tell you that Jesus is not coming back because He lives in the believer.

There are so many interpretations of the Bible flying around these days.

You need to know what your intended believes and check if your beliefs are compatible.

Courtship is not only for going to the movies, restaurants, and talking about things that will have no bearing or influence on your marital life.

In courtship, you should be as objective as possible.

You can’t really change anyone.

In courtship, you find out who the person is and check if you can walk the journey of life together.

Marriage is not something you take lightly.

You are blessed.

by  Arinola BA

Image © Bhrigu Pandit



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