also known as The "MIRACLE GRASS", "THE KING OF ALL PLANT" "GOATWEED PLANT" Yoruba 👉Ewe imiesu

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King Grass is the most common grass found growing around our immediate environment, bushes and farms Its a popular plant , That every people knows it, we cut it everyday and burn but dying with illnesses and spending lots of money in hospitals.The best nutritive super vegetable to be used as food, but unknown to the world


💢It helps with men sexual Health

The king grass is a plant that Helps to improve male libido and prevents , helpspremature ejaculation . It helps to restore weak erection In Men and enhances men sexual power .

How to use it.
👉For men suffering from this just look for king grass, found everywhere, wash, squeeze or blend and drink, you can add honey to taste. Take as a juice or 🍵 tea.

💢A solution for women fertility problem

Fertility problem is a painful experience that women go through. The birth of a child is a life joy that is worth having as a women.
Women looking for the fruit of the womb should make use of king grass, blend or squeeze.🍵 Drink this juice daily drink .

💢Good for weight loss

The flowers are a good solution for weight loss
👉Chew hand full of the flower with at least 10 seeds of alligator pepper. It makes one to be urinating often. Body system matters if you feel you ain’t urinating often you can increase the quantity of both the flower and alligator seeds.

💢Relief solution for Ulcer pains.

Ulcer Patients should make use of king grass, It cures ulcer effectively

How to Use
👉 Blend, squeeze to extract the juice and add drink.( Optional) can add a little can add honey .

💢It stops Diarrhea

The leaves are prepared as soup with enough pure red oil (unbleached palm oil), with enough spices, and eaten without food in enough quantity to stop DIARRHEA. It’s almost miraculous.

💢Makes Childbirth Delivery Easy

Facilitates delivery when teas from plant is taken as enema (‘pump’) regularly at the last month of pregnancy and at onset of labour

💢Acts as an antidote for poisoning
Helps against all types of poisonings.

How to use it
👉Chew seven heads or squeeze fresh clean juice and drink. NB: Many vomits poison after taking it. Repeat twice daily for a few days. You can mix with Alligator Pepper seeds.

👉 Works against NIGHT POISONING or SPIRITUAL POISONING. Chew a few heads or squeeze juice and drink first thing in the early morning before greeting anyone

💢Reduces grey hair.
If you are suffering from too much gray hair and will like to change your hair look. Make this plant into Liquid shampoo and take as a tea enema and also apply fresh juice on hair/head and massage Properly.

💢Stops Injury from bleeding
If you have an injury apply this plant paste and juice.
How to use it
👉Smash or squeeze the plant into a paste and apply paste on both fresh and old wounds for healing… It’s a powerful antibiotic


👉 It’s a natural fertilizer for the soil

👉Good for Abdominal and back pains

👉Reliefs Frontal and general headache

👉Excellent for poisonous bites/stings

👉Works against Hernia

👉Antidote against evil spells

👉 It protects other plants and the environment where it grows
against negative energies/evils

👉 Excellent for diabetes

👉 Very good of Ceased menstruation and other menstrual problems

👉Works against Grey hair. Take tea as enema and apply fresh juice on hair/head and massage well

👉Excellent relief for Coughs in Children. 👉 Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make it more effective.

👉 Taken as enema to cure fever in children. Also bath children with boiled leaves (teas from leaves)

👉 Crush a little king grass to make a paste and apply on Athletes Foot

👉 Cures Urinary track infections

👉 Excellent against Nose bleeding. 👉Put drops in nostrils and lie with head up for a few minutes.

👉Good for sinusitis

☘️Note📝 : The FRESH JUICE of King Grass is more effective. However, teas from it are more commonly used. the dried leaves are also good to use as a substitute for the fresh one. Which everone you prefer Says a good look with your healing.

👉Ensure you wash this plant properly and store in an air tight container for consumption. This will help retain its potency.

☘️🌿🍵Embrace natural cure


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