4 Simple Ways To Sell Anything On Social Media

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If you have been advertising your products on social media and you’re not making sales, you might just be advertising in the wrong way. Perhaps you advertise like one who owns an offline market/shop which doesn’t always work for online advertisements.

A lot of people are guilty of this, especially those who advertise their products on their WhatsApp’s stories.
Yeah, a lot of people are in this category of “Boredom Advertisement.” That is, you always post your products and you’re not making sales.

There are 4 things that you can do to start making sales.

1. Create schedules and sell reasons:
As a businessperson or an entrepreneur, you need to understand that people don’t naturally get attracted to a product, they get attracted to the emotions of your advertisement, and the REASON why they need to buy your product. Why should they buy what you sell?
You really need to understand why you seem not to be making sales, and it’s most likely because you’re running a one-way advertisement; that is, you’re only selling your products without giving your customers or intending customers the reasons to purchase your products.

There are few simple ways to give reasons, for example, if you sell wig or make hair, create schedules to:
i. Tell us a compelling story of a young woman who didn’t take good care of her hair,
ii. Tell us ” 5 Ways to Take Good Care of Our Hair,” “10 Ways to Keep long lasting hair,” “5 Things to do to avoid lice” etc,
iii. Tell us why we need to buy a particular product you sell (I.e. its advantage over any other competitive products without necessarily damaging the reputation of the other) etc

Doing these things show that you know much more about what you’re selling. Do them intentionally. Fix days to do them, and fix particular days that you’ll be advertising your goods too. It shouldn’t be everyday.

2. Stop selling White people; sell yourself:
Truth is, a lot of people attach pictures of White men holding the kind of product they want to sell when, in point of fact, they (the sellers) are not Whites. Stop doing that!

The easiest way to earn your prospects’ trusts is to post realistic pictures (i.e. of yourself holding your products) or make a video of you when you’re making your product. If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you no matter how good you are or your product is.
So, earning your customers’ trusts should be a goal you must always work towards, before you can earn their money. Post what YOU sell!

3. Let people sell you:
What I mean by this is that, when people buy from you, let them share their honest feedback on their stories/timelines and tag/mention you to it.

This is, in fact, the easiest way to earn people’s trusts. What they are doing when they post your products and tag or mention you is that they are telling other people that you’re real, trustworthy, and possibly best at what you do.

4. Go from Freemium to Premium:
Simply put, give people samples of your product for free at first. Let them judge your competency by themselves. However, it is easy to earn people’s trust when they’ve had firsthand interaction with your product. This works more for people who sell services. They can organize free classes first and after that, they can monetize it.

But always remember this, tell people the WHAT and WHY of your products for free and then, monetize the HOW. If the WHAT and WHY are compelling enough, they will pay for the HOW.

By Oluwagbemiga Akinde


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