3 Tips to Sell Like a Pro

Sell in a way that customers will have no choice but to come back

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All entrepreneurs and business people must have one attribute/skill… It’s the ability to sell. But not just to sell; the ability to sell in a way that customers will have no choice but to come back.

In the process of building a sustainable business, customers are a great deciding factor. But, how should you sell in a way that compels customers to come back even with the traditional way of selling?

Practise these three tips:

1. Sell Selflessly: Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who makes the whole conversation about themselves and little or no talk about you? How did you feel? You felt unimportant, neglected and low-spirited, right? That’s exactly how customers feel when they approach you and you start talking about your business to them.

Well, a lot of people would say, “Was it not business transaction that brought them?” Yes, that’s true. But you must first understand that you are selling to human being(s). They are not robots who, perhaps, do not have worries. Besides, they approach you because they have a PROBLEM that they want you to solve for them.

Consequently, in the beginning of every conversation with a customer, build a friendly relationship. Instead of starting a conversation with, “Good morning. Would you like to buy this book, clothes, shoe etc?”; Begin with conversations like, “Hello, how are you today?”, “I love your pair of glasses. They look good on you.” etc.. and keep a really warm conversation for the first few seconds–or minutes–of meeting them. This sends a signal to your customers that they are important—to you and your business. Who doesn’t want to feel important, anyway?

2. Listen and Pay Attention: A lot of entrepreneurs make this costly mistake. They sell like a salesperson who’s thirty to sell as opposed to one with a solution to solve a particular problem.

No matter how much you understand the nitty-gritties of your business, there will always be some gaps in your knowledge, and you might not be able to help your customers if you don’t understand their problems fully.

You need to be curious and, as the case may be, ask necessary questions.
Truth is, everyone wants to feel like they’re being heard. You don’t want a situation where you misunderstood your prospects, and give them a wrong or not-so-good solution, do you?

Naturally, people enjoy talking about themselves and their conditions, so if you really want to help, your honest interest and curiosity will help them trust you enough to converse with you.

This will, in turn and effect, help you develop and maintain a profitable customer relationship.

3. Understand Your Customers: Understand that we all have temperamental and psychological traits (they are humans). Sometimes, a customer who wants to buy from you might have had bad experience with your competitor (someone else who sells your type of goods or service). This can prompt them to think and act in a misjudged way or in a way that triggers strife when you assume that they’re just not acting rightly.

Some customers will act like they know more than you do. Some want clarity. Some want to be treated nicely. Also, you need to understand that stress, sad occurrence etc shape customers’ behaviour. This is when you need to sell empathetically.

As an entrepreneur or businessperson, you must constantly deal with customers on different temperamental levels. Knowing the right mental state to sell to people produces a feeling of trust that you understand their mood and they will be willing to commit to you and your business.

By Oluwagbemiga Akinde


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